Come join the global adventure!

Your skills are needed around the world. International companies are seeking skilled workers of integrity – come join the global adventure!

We connect, equip, and empower global professionals

connect to glocal jobs

Looking for a job abroad?
no, wait – are you looking for a global community?

Resound helps you connect with an international employer so you can make a difference in the world. Find your place in the industry of education, medicine, business, information technology, law, sports, vocational training, agricultural development, and more! Your life will change forever the moment you set foot in a different country and begin your professional journey as a global citizen.


Equip life’s not easy over there.
what does it take to become a global professional?

A professional athlete would never consider going into competition without adequate training. Before you move overseas, join a community to help you prepare well!

With training in cross-cultural skills, healthy departure methods, and how to thrive (not just survive!) as a foreign worker, Resound Corporation helps you prepare well to navigate the stresses of life in a new culture. Let us walk the journey with you, both before you go and while you’re there.


join the resound team

Empower getting there is one thing, but do you have what it takes to stay well?
travel is fun, but life outside your home culture is hard.

Resound members are cared for in the long-journey: body, mind and soul! All Resound Corporation members participate in our ongoing care-plan that ensures you’re connected to our global community, and have…

  • a coach to maximize life’s highs and work through the lows
  • access to counseling to navigate those hard days (or seasons) in ways you never could have on your own
  • an international security plan in place (who knows when/where the next international crisis will be?)
  • and other resources that empower you to stay stronger, safer, longer!


does your organization need a well-supported international worker? Let Resound Corporation help you fill your next human resource need.


Because the world works better when it works together.

Resound Corporation is a non-profit organization established in 1999 in response to invitations from international leaders for professionals to equip local people in character and community development.

We send teachers, medical workers, community development workers, and business people around the world… to change the world, together.


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