In order to help you go better & stay longer,
all Resound members participate in our ongoing care-plan, including:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African proverb)

With a global network in 46 countries – Resound is 100% focused on our people. Whether it’s for professional networking or crisis support, come join a family of workers that desire to walk this journey together. 

We believe in both growth and support. Every Resound worker is paired with a coach that will walk with you through the journey – striving to maximize life’s high and endure life’s lows. Depending on your stage in life and how long you’ve lived over there, you will be connected with either a Mentor Coach, Life Coach, or Executive Coach.
You don’t have to be crazy to speak to a counselor – from day one, we’re intentional about mental health. Life outside your home culture is hard, so when you encounter one of life’s lows you can connect with a mental health professional to walk that journey together.
The #1 cause of attrition among global professionals is culture stress. With training both before you go and ongoing training opportunities let us help you prevent some of those challenges that might otherwise send you packing.
At Resound we care holistically about the family and the individual. If one member is struggling the whole unit is impacted, and conversely, if one member is thriving they are more able to support others. For this reason Resound offers cross-cultural training, ongoing coaching, and support for the whole family. We also immensely value the safety of children within and outside of our community, and therefore abide by international standards and practices for child safety. 
Everyone is a leader – because, at the very least, self-leadership is where it starts. Whether you’re wired to lead many or lead one Resound provides intentional conversations and resources to help you continually grow in your leadership skills. 
Where will the next global crisis happen? Will it be a political or natural disaster? These situations are immensely difficult if they happen in your home country, but hard in a very different way if you’re a foreign guest when a disaster happens around you. Let our security team work with you to create a crisis management and risk assessment plan so you’re ready to act when the unexpected happens.
Online meetings… been there, done that. There’s NOTHING like meeting face to face with other Resound members, serving in different industries around the world as global professionals hoping to make a difference. Come together regularly for rest, refreshment, and renewed vision. 
The internet is amazing, but it’s not safe. As global citizens you’ll be working from your home office today, a coffee shop tomorrow, and a hotel lobby next week. Securing your internet data is a non-negotiable, so every Resound member receives a world-class VPN subscription to ensure that your internet is safe and available, no matter where you are.
We’re a community of life-long-learners. To empower your future work, Resound has partnered with different universities to offer our members a 15-40% tuition discount on classes leading to an MBA, Masters in Leadership, and many more! Take classes online while living & working overseas to earn your graduate degree!
We’ve tried to think of everything, but that’s impossible. There will always be surprises. Remember point #1, Community? The best part of being a Resound member is that you’re a part of the team. You’re not walking this international journey alone. When surprises come you’ll always have someone to call to work things through, together. That’s what family does. 


what if it could be better

What if it could be better?

A Quick Story

Rock climbing can be a risky endeavor. There are ways to do it safely, but in the end, you get to decide what safety equipment you use, or whether you use a rope at all!

First, free solo climbing. Among these brave souls ropes are not only optional, they’re left in the car. Any and all safety gear is seen as cumbersome, and they pursue the thrill of freedom in their climbs. But that freedom comes at an enormous risk. Everyone in this sport admits that a fall can be fatal. Perhaps the most famous free solo run is when Alex Honnold climbed El Capitan.

tight belay

Second, we’ll call this a “tight belay.” The opposite of free soloing, you’re geared up and ready to go, with your belay person at the other end of your rope. However, as you climb, your rope is pulled so tight that you’re almost pulled up the climb, unable to move around on your own. Nobody likes this kind of climbing.


Third, is an “appropriate belay.” This is the Goldilocks point where you work together with your belayer, maintaining enough slack in your rope to make those long stretches and yet the rope is short enough to catch you when you miss. You’re a team. The top is the goal, and you’ll get there safely, together.


Life overseas can be a bit like that.

Many people just go free solo – and it can be great! But a fall can be fatal. Others pursue a structure that ends up being so tight it’s stifling. There’s got to be a better way. Here at Resound we strive to provide the “appropriate belay” — walking the journey together, as a team, so that everyone gets to the summit safely, together.

Join us.


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