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Globalization has been one of the most powerful driving forces in the world since the end of the 20th Century. International tourism, global professionals, and digital nomads are now common trends.

What was quickly learned is that, much like world hunger, supply is not the problem, but rather distribution and support. Individuals with strong professional skills exist – but they need help connecting with global opportunities and, more importantly, need cross-cultural support to stay well, because living outside your home culture is extremely challenging.


Resound Corporation is a non-profit organization established in 1999 in response to invitations from international leaders for professionals to equip local people in character, community development, and professional skills.

We send teachers, medical workers, community development workers, and business people around the world… to change the world, together.

Because we believe that the world works better when it works together.


Sadly, many individuals seek work abroad out of a wanderlust, and prioritize fun over quality work. They work only to empower their tourist-lifestyle, and this often results in employees that show up to work hungover, fall short on job-performance standards, and abandon work contracts.

This is one of the greatest challenges for international employers – finding cross-cultural workers who are reliable in both their professional and personal lives!

Because Resound Corporation desires to send and support workers of the highest caliber, professionally and personally, all members annually affirm our Standards of Conduct document.

Whether you work in the for-profit or non-profit sector, how you live your life is the foundation of your work.


Resound Corporation works within a global network of 15 partner organizations based in 14 countries that partner in sending nearly 500 workers to more than 40 countries! If we don’t have a job posted that fits your needs, Get in Touch and we can probably find you one!

global network

Resound Corporation CONNECTS, EQUIPS, and EMPOWERS global professionals.


If you’re looking for a reliable job overseas we want to help connect you. If you’re an employer looking for a reliable, well supported international worker, we want to help you find them.

If you already have a job overseas or your company already has foreign workers that need support – you still have a place in Resound Corporation (read on to EQUIP and EMPOWER)!


We don’t train professional skills – universities and trade schools are doing a fine job of that. We create cross-cultural workers. If you’ve never lived abroad before you have no idea how challenging daily life is. Aside from all the challenges of work, some of the greatest stress comes from building quality relationships with your neighbors, buying groceries, paying your water bill – all the daily life events that we take for granted in our home culture. But without those skills your survival rate as a global professional plummet.

Resound Corporation provides pre-departure and ongoing training in cultural adjustment and successful cross-cultural living skills. If you don’t know what this is, maybe you need it!


Resound Corporation supports our members for the long-run. We’re not a “one-off” training program, but rather, a community of global professionals that help one another stay better and stay longer. All the members of our global community receive monthly coaching, access to professional counseling, member retreats, and many more Services!

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