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Globalization is alive and well, and people are moving and working all over the world. In this age of global economic connectivity international companies need foreign workers to fill many different roles.
International employees are an incredible asset, but can be extremely challenging.

One key questions is, “can your company find a quality foreign employee?” In the age of wanderlust and travel blogs how can your company find an employee who cares more about their work than their touristy lifestyle?

Let Resound Corporation help.

Whether your company needs a foreign employee for their native language ability or professional background, Resound Corporation wants to help you minimize the “challenging” and maximize the “asset.”

What Resound does NOT do:

Train professional skills: we’re not going to train workers how to be doctors, teachers, software designers, etc.

What Resound DOES do:

  • Partner with international employers to understand their needs for a foreign employee
  • Seek out employees that have professional skills and live a life of integrity¬†
  • Train our members in cross-cultural skills, so they will adapt better to their new living and work environments
  • Provide ongoing support and practical resources for our members (see our SERVICES page), so they perform their international jobs better and stay longer
  • Create an international community of our members to connect with for networking and mutual support

Don’t walk the uncertain tight-rope of connectivity
— you never know when something will go wrong.

walk a tightrope

Since 1999, Resound Corporation has brought sturdiness and balance (like a three-legged stool) to global job placements.

Bring Resound Corporation into the relationship and move forward in strength and stability.


stable stool
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