Funding…why & how

Resound Corporation’s global workers serve in both for-profit and non-profit areas around the world, and funding for those workers looks very different. While some international employers pay very generously, some are not able to pay sufficient salaries to fully support an international worker. We believe that working together is worth the extra effort, so Resound Corporation has diverse funding models available to help support the diversity of our global members.

If a Resound member’s international salary is sufficient to support their lives abroad (GREAT!), Resound Corporation simply receives a membership fee for that individual to be part of our supportive global community.


For workers serving in developing communities or with projects that are not self-funded, our workers rely on generous donations from those that believe in them and the cause they serve.

Because, as we’ve said elsewhere, we firmly believe that the world works better when it works together.

To financially support a Resound worker or to partner with our organization through our Strategic Development Fund, scroll down to our secure online giving portal.

Strategic Development Fund:
We strive to both support our current workers with excellence and to grow in new, strategic ways.

do soemthing great


While donations given to individual members cover the majority of their needs, there are critical organizational expenses left unfunded.

for the world


There are unique growth opportunities that we want to pursue as an organization that can only be achieved with additional funding.

Both of these needs are resolved through our Strategic Development Fund. We’d be honored if you’d partner with us, to SUPPORT and GROW the organization, as we strive to empower more global professionals!

Alternate Ways to Give

By Phone

To make a donation by phone, or if you have any questions, call us: (719) 282-1724

By Mail:

Mail checks (no cash please) to:

Resound Corporation
Attn: Donor Accounting
PO Box 62111
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Please include this donation form to make sure your donation is allocated appropriately.

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